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Meet Day Requirements

Please arrive at the pool at the time specified by your coaches (usually 1 hour 45 minutes before the start of a home meet and 1 hour 15 minutes before the start of an away meet). 

When you get to the pool, check in at the bullpen area to find out what events you are swimming at that meet. “Bullpen” is the name of the area where all swimmers on the team remain during the meet when not swimming in an event. The events are written on the swimmers hand with a sharpie.  Most parents also write their swimmer’s events on their hands.

Parents should check in with the Volunteer Coordinator to find out what job you will be working at that meet.

The swimmers will enter the pool to swim warm-ups.  All swimmers need to be ready to get in the water at our warm-up time. After warm-ups, the swimmers return to the bullpen area.

Swimmers should listen for their event to be called.  When your event is called, you should go to the Clerk of Course.  The “Clerk of Course” checks in the swimmers for each event and gives them an Event Card. The event card tells you what heat and lane you are in.

The swimmer then moves to the Chairs area. “Chairs” is a ‘staging’ area where the swimmers are seated in rows of chairs that match with the lanes they will be swimming in.

When your event is called on deck, you walk from Chairs to the area behind the block in your lane.

When your event is called to the blocks, you give your Event Card to the timer in your lane, and then step up on the blocks.

Listen for the starter to say “Swimmers take your mark...when you hear the ‘beep’; you dive in and swim your race.

After you finish your race, exit the pool.  Walk to your coaches’ chairs (along the pool side) and check in with your coach.  Then return to the bullpen until your next race is called