"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."  
Winston Churchill 

Thanks to all of you who have given your time as a volunteer at the Waves meets; you are greatly appreciated!!! To make the swim season successful, parents of Juniors are asked to volunteer at least 3 "halves". Parents of swimmers that are on the White and Blue team are asked to volunteer at least 8 "halves".  We would like to give a special thank you to the parents who are always willing to volunteer more than the required amount of meets.    

Announcer:  Announces each event to the Clerk of Course.  He/she announces what event is in the water.   as well as the event that is on the blocks.  Periodically, he/she reports the score and messages from the team or Parent Organization.  Home = 1

Bullpen Parent:  
Parents who help organize the swimmers for each event, making sure the swimmers are where they should be, when they should be.  He/she will write the event numbers on the swimmer’s hand when the swimmer checks in.  Home = 4, Away = 4

Clerk of Course:  
The Clerk shall keep the Announcer and/or Starter apprised of event number, heat number, type of heat.  The Clerk will make heat and lane assignments and will mark the proper lane number and heat number on each card.  The Clerk distributes the event/lane cards to swimmers and seats the swimmers in rows of chairs.  Then, the Clerk directs the swimmers to the blocks.  Home = 2

Computer Operator:  
The computer operator sits at the scorer’s table. He/she listens to the reader and enters the times from each swimmer for each event.  The computer operator scores the meet after each event and prints the results.  He/she passes the printed results and lane cards to the verifier.  If the verifier finds an error, the computer operator makes corrections in the computer, prints the new results, and returns everything to the verifier.  Home = 1

Concession Worker:  
The concession worker helps set up the concession area before the swim meet.  He/she will sell for profit all concessions foods, drinks and goodies to customers during the swim meet.  He/she will assist in clean up after the meet.  At home meets, the team supplies and.  The concession stand creates important revenue that helps cover many team expenses. Home = 8

DQ Writer:  
The DQ writer sits at the scorer’s table.  He/she transcribes information from the judge’s DQ cards onto slips of paper the swimmers receive.  This lets the swimmer know what is not legal about their swimming.  Home = 2, Away = 2

Finish Judge:  
The finish judge’s function is to watch the end of an event and write the order of finish by lane.  Home = 2, Away = 2

Head Scorer:  
 The head scorer ensures that everyone seated at the scorer’s table understand their responsibilities.  He/she takes questions to the referee.  The head scorer sorts time cards to heat and lane.  He/she averages the swimmers time and circles the average time if only two times are listed on the lane cards.  Or, if there are three times on the lane card, circles the middle time.  The head scorer attaches DQ cards to the proper lane card.  He/she delivers the sorted cards to the reader.  Home = 1

Meet Director:  
The meet director is responsible for seeing that all required equipment and materials are available before the meet.  He/she oversees the whole meet and makes sure the meet runs smoothly.  He/she will fill in where ever necessary.  Home = 1, Away = 1

The reader sits at the scorer’s table. He/she checks the cards are in lane order and the DQ cards are attached to the proper lane card.  Then, he/she reads each swimmer’s time from the lane cards to the computer operator.  Home = 2

You must be certified.  The referee is the leader of the judging staff and is responsible for the overall running of the meet.  He/she makes all final decisions in the event of a dispute.  He/she makes sure all lanes are clear before another event is started.  The referee announces the event and calls the swimmers to the blocks. Home = 1

A runner walks around the pool deck and picks up the event cards for the timers and finish judges, as well as any DQ cards from the judges, starters, and referees.  He/she then delivers the cards to the scoring table.  Home = 2

You must be certified.  The starter starts each race with an electronic beep, and alerts the swimmers to false starts.  Home = 1

Stroke Judge:  
You must be certified.  The stroke judge checks that swimmers are swimming the appropriate stroke in the correct manner.  Home = 2, Away = 2

Timers are positioned behind the blocks in each lane to time the event using a stopwatch (which the team provides) to time a swimmer’s performance.  One timer from the home team is needed for each lane.  You do not have to have any special skills or previous experience to be a timer.  Home = 18, Away = 12 or 16

Turn Judge:  
You must be certified.  The turn judge checks that swimmers are doing the correct turning maneuvers for their race.  Home = 2, Away = 2

The verifier sits at the scorer’s table.  He/she receives the printed results and lane cards for each event from the computer operator.  The verifier checks each swimmers times match between the lane cards and the printed results.  In the event of an error, notify the computer operator, so event can be rescored.  Verifier will then re-verify the event with corrections.  Home = 2, Away = 2